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YongMi Norfleet


As the mother, YongMi Norfleet, my most meaningful accomplishment is not allowing my circumstances growing up to dictate my life or my future. I had no parents to guide/support/protect me since the age of 14, dropped out of high school my sophomore year, became a teenage mother at the age of 15 and of 4 by the age of 21. Not only did I go back to an adult program and earn my GED, I achieved a Bachelor’s degree in Human Services with a minor in Psychology and a focus on youth from Purdue University. My degree allowed me to gain experience with many community organizations in Fort Wayne, IN and Grand Rapids, MI including Park center as a Case Manager, and Job Corps as a Career Counselor.

Janiece Norfleet


As the eldest daughter, I am a disabled parent to my son Jadon Smith, eldest of seven siblings, alumni of Upward Bound, AmeriCorpos, and Howard University, a member of Joshua’s Temple (Fort Wayne, IN) and Ridgley Ministries (Upper Marlboro, MD). I have been blessed to become a Life Insurance Agent and Wealth Planner, Certified College Planner, HUD Certified Housing Counselor, and Disability Awareness Speaker. Prior to becoming an Entrepreneur, I gained experience and training at Fannie Mae, a paid internship on Wallstreet at Morgan Stanley, Teach for America, Joshua’s Hand, Inc., and my first job at McDonalds.

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