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Students-College and Career Readiness Program

The College and Career Readiness Program shares the unwritten rules of college and the workplace.  As a Certified College Planner, I developed a formal curriculum to teach high school and college students tools and strategies they will need outside of the textbook or classroom.  Many students struggle with transitioning to the college and do not perform at their best due to inadequate preparation.  Consecutively college students face similar challenges once they enter the workplace. Most students have to get a job after graduation, so we teach students how to navigate their full-time position while exposing them to entrepreneurship.  We do this through a number of partner workshops to help the student identify their purpose and create their own journey after working for a few years.  The curriculum includes:

  • Managing yourself, your manager, and your co-workers

  • Building and Maintaining Generational Wealth

  • Dressing with a Purpose

  • Politics in the Workplace

  • 30/60/90 Day Success Plan

  • Simulation: The Art of Conversation-Getting To Know Your Team

  • Simulation: Calibration-Getting Your Manager to Endorse You


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