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"I am You and You are Me" Mother Daughter Series


We offer keynote motivational seminars and facilitate conversations to encour

age young girls/women and their mothers to work together, support and love

each other resulting in growth and forward movement in their lives.  We are

excited to share our stories hoping to uplift mothers and daughters through

discussions on Mother/child positive relationships, Self Esteem, Living Your

Passion in God’s Will, and Effective Life Transitions.

As the mother, YongMi Norfleet, my most meaningful accomplishment is not

allowing my circumstances growing up to dictate my life or my future. I had no

parents to guide/support/protect me since the age of 14, dropped out of high

school, became a teenage mother at the age of 15 and had a total of 4 by the

age of 21.



I, the daughter Janiece Norfleet, am a disabled wife, mother, daughter to parents

that were never married, without any living grandparents, eldest of seven siblings,

cousin to many more, alumni of Upward Bound, AmeriCorps, and Howard University,

a member of Joshua’s Temple (Fort Wayne, IN) and Ridgley Ministries Church of God

in Christ (Upper Marlboro, MD). 

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