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Disability Awareness, Advocacy, and Etiquette Training

Based on my own experience of acquiring a disability at the age of 18, the last part of the company is an independent Disability Program serving others with disabilities and small businesses/not for profits.  This first component of the program provides training on understanding the value of employees with disabilities in the workplace from the prospective of someone who is disabled.  The second component of the program assists persons with disabilities with understanding how to navigate community resources and benefit options based on their unique circumstances. The disability community is one of the most disadvantaged demographics and we offer training services to help companies and individuals work together to maximize everyone’s investment.

The training topics include:

  • Proper terminology

  • Tools/resources that are available for accommodations

  • ADA updates and application

  • Executive and manager training for disabled employees

  • Benefits of a person with a disability

  • Misperceptions of those with hidden disabilities

  • Benefit options including Medicare, Medicaid, SSI (Social Security Income), AND SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance) 


In addition, we help companies develop surveys to assess their current processes and employee needs versus wants.  As the program expands, we plan to offer e-trainings, one on one mentorship for teenagers or young adults in the disability community that need support and guidance. 

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