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Aspiring Entrepreneurs/Small Businesses-How to Turn Your Passion Into a Business or Initiative

Once we equip employees with the information necessary to leave their full-time job and turn their passion into a business or initiative, we offer business consulting services to help turn their idea into a business. As mentioned, not everyone wants to be an entrepreneur so we can help those individuals implement initiatives in their communities to break free of the rat race. We are not exclusive to those who are in college, this holistic program is used to transform the student, professional, and the average person's mindset to explore their talents and interests to become the boss of their own “purpose-filled” life.  Our current services include:

  • Creating business plans

  • Identifying niche markets

  • Identifying interests, talents, and gifts

  • Identifying potential stakeholders and engagement protocol

  • Creating policies and procedures

  • Drafting board members agreements

  • Drafting operational manuals for leaders and staff

  • Developing business website, business cards, and marketing materials

  • Setting up accounting and financial software

  • Understanding small business banking and taxes

  • Identifying and applying to local and national funding sources

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